Le faccette di fluorapatite.

Facette Dentali in Albania.

What are dental veneers? Dental veneers are thin ceramic layers, made in the laboratory, which cover the tooth surface to modify various aesthetic aspects. Indications of dental veneers: -dental fluorosis, i.e. calcification problems due to excess fluoride in the dental structure, which results in white or brown spots.-amelogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta are problems of the … Leggi tutto

Gli impianti dentali e le malattie sistemiche?

Dental implants and systemic diseases (1)

There are various systemic pathologies and conditions that can influence treatment with dental implants in Albania. Most of these pathologies do not become a problem if the patient is under proper care. Some rare conditions, those that risk the patient’s life are a contraindication for dental implants. The most important task is that of the … Leggi tutto

Periimplantite- Il rigetto degli impianti dentali | Perche fallisce un’impianto dentale?


Peri-implantitis is a chronic inflammatory pathology that causes the loss of implants. It is the main problem of treatments with dental implants, as the loss of the implant could lead to partial or total failure of the entire treatment. This complication is one of the most frequent problems that sometimes leads to difficult situations for … Leggi tutto

La relazione tra artrite reumatoide e la piorrea dei denti.

Before and after periodontitis.

Pyorrhea or periodontitis is a pathology that causes multiple tooth loss. The ligament that holds the tooth in place in the bone becomes inflamed and damaged. The teeth appear healthy, i.e. without cavities or visible changes. In addition to 70% of our patients who suffer from pyorrhea and who want to have dental implants in … Leggi tutto

Impianti dentali in Albania. Cosa si può fare fare se un paziente ha poco osso?

 The lack of alveolar bone is a very frequent problem of patients who need dental implants at our Oxa Clinic dental clinic in Tirana, Albania.  All our patients who contact us for dental implants tell us: “my dentist in Italy told me that I am missing bone”. But how true is this? To help you … Leggi tutto

Quanto costano gli impianti dentali in Albania?

Dental implants in Albania cost less than in other European countries. In proportion to the fact that Albania is one of the poorest countries. In the link you can find the reasons why dental implants in Albania and dentists in Albania cost less. How much does a dental implant cost in Albania?  The cost of … Leggi tutto

Gli impianti dentali in Albania e Italia, i costi e la differenza. Perche l’Albania è la soluzione migliore rispetto la Turchia oppure Romania e Moldavia?

Why are the costs of dental implants in Albania cheaper than in Italy? Dental implants cost less in Albania than in Italy for various reasons.  So using simple logic you can already understand why dental implants and treatments that dentists do in Albania cost less. Already from the difference in taxes these treatments cost 50% … Leggi tutto