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How much does dental implants cost in Albania?


Dental implants in Albania cost less than in other European countries. In proportion to the fact that Albania is one of the poorest countries. In the link you can find the reasons why dental implants in Albania and dentists in Albania cost less.

How much does a dental implant cost in Albania?

 The cost of a dental implant in Albania varies greatly. At least it can cost 200 euros, but there are clinics in Albania that charge you up to 1200 euros for a dental implant. The difference? None. For the same quality you can find different prices. A dental implant in Oxa Clinic costs 500 euros and has a 10-30 year guarantee based on the specifications of each patient. However, a dental implant is only one of the components of what will be the permanent tooth. In addition to the dental implant there is the crown, i.e. the visible part of the tooth, which is fixed on the implant via the abutment. The crown costs 100-600 euros, a very variable price.

 At the Oxa Clinic – Dental Clinic in Tirana, it costs 200 euros and is made of hyper-aesthetic zirconium, with a lifelong guarantee. So for a complete tooth the cost can vary from €300-1500. In our clinic the cost for a complete tooth is 700 euros.

How much does it cost  a full arch with dental implants in Albania?

 The cost to redo a fixed arch with dental implants in Albania is probably the most variable thing regarding treatments with dental implants.

This variation is not an adaptation to the patient’s needs but is due to the fact that different materials and techniques are used, not all of which are correct. The first solution and the cheapest one is “All-On-4”, which consists in the rehabilitation of the entire arch with 4 implants and resin teeth and which costs 2000-2500 euros.

Then the “offers” increase with the increase in the number of implants and the quality of the material and reach up to €6000-7000 per arch, All-On-6 or All-On-8. This creates discrimination for patients who, trying to save money, choose the least expensive solution, i.e. the one that lasts the shortest time.

 In our dental clinic in Tirana, Albania, Oxa Clinic, the cost of a total rehabilitation of an arch is 3800 euros. A fixed cost that guarantees patients an individualized number of implants, i.e. not 4 or 6, but what the patient really needs after the surgeon’s evaluation.

An arch may require 5-8 implants. The teeth used are always made of zirconium and the guarantee is 10-30 years.

This gives our patients the opportunity to have the most effective and safest treatment without having to face an economic choice.

How much does it cost to fix all your teeth with dental implants in Albania?

Fixing all your teeth in Albania is the most frequent thing our patients do.

 In our dental clinic in Tirana, Oxa Clinic, patients present themselves in 3 situations:

  1. Patients who need to have the total implantation of the 2 arches with dental implants. In these cases in the Oxa Clinic we use an individualized number of implants and zirconium crowns. The cost is 7000-8000 euros based on the difficulty of the case.
  2. Patients who have missing teeth and who at the same time have healthy teeth remaining who want to fix them aesthetically. The cost is 6000-6500 euros.
  3. Patients who have all their teeth healthy but want to improve them aesthetically. Your price is 5000-5500 euros.

How many years do dental implants made in Albania last?

In our clinic we offer a guarantee from a minimum of 10 years up to a maximum of 30 years.

 The warranty depends on various factors such as:

  • Systemic diseases
  • The smoke
  • Hygiene
  • Periodic checks
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