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Dental implants in Albania and Italy, costs and difference. Why is Albania the better solution than Turkey or Romania and Moldova?


Why are the costs of dental implants in Albania cheaper than in Italy?

Dental implants cost less in Albania than in Italy for various reasons.

  1. The main reason is taxes. In Albania healthcare services are excluded from VAT while in Italy these services are subject to a rate of 10%. The IRPEF rate depends on the annual income and can reach up to 43%, while in Albania this rate is no more than 15%.

 So using simple logic you can already understand why dental implants and treatments that dentists do in Albania cost less. Already from the difference in taxes these treatments cost 50% less than in Italy.

  •  Lifestyle. In Albania, salaries, primary goods, labor and rents cost much less than in Italy. To make it easier, if 1 kg of bread in Italy costs more than 4 euros, in Albania it costs no more than 2 euros.

Is there any difference between the dental implants that dentists do in Albania and those in Italy?

There are many differences between the two countries:

  1. The duration of the treatment. In Italy such treatment would last 16-24 months. The work protocol is very slow and the procedures are distant from each other. In Albania, however, a true surgical protocol is followed which allows the insertion of implants in the same session as the extraction of teeth. All in all, in a 1 hour intervention all the work of 4-6 months in Italy is done. This intervention consists of what is called “the first phase”. After 4 months the second phase takes place which lasts only 5-6 days. Therefore the treatment ends within 4-5 months, which in Italy is impossible as the preparation phase of the oral cavity is not yet finished.
  • The technology used. In our clinic, having at least 3-4 patients a day who need total arch implantology, it was necessary to use very advanced technologies to carry out these treatments.

 First of all, we use different types of implants, starting from the simple honeycomb ones up to the more sophisticated ones such as zygomatic, pterygoid, nasal, palatal and subperiosteal. These types of implants avoid the unnecessary procedures of bone reconstruction by dentists in Albania.

The 3D CT scanner that we use is of the latest generation and gives us the highest quality of bone images, which makes it possible for us to plan the surgery in detail. The impressions are digital and are made in less than 3 minutes.

Our laboratory is active 24 hours a day of the year and guarantees us a fast result every day, which is very important for patients, who never remain more than 1 day without their teeth.

3-The cost. Dentists’ costs in Albania are up to 70% less than in Italy.

4-The possibility of visiting the country spending less than 50 euros per day. In a country where nothing is missing, from the sea to the mountains and historic cities. There are many patients who, after visiting Albania for dental implants, have returned to go on holiday with their families.

5-Culture and mentality more similar to the Italian one. People are familiar with the Italian language and everywhere you go you hear Italian spoken. The welcome and hospitality of the Albanian people are known throughout the world.