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 Zirconia is the strongest material that can exist for making teeth. Being in the ceramics group it is a white material therefore without the internal metal frame. Monolithic zirconia is derived from natural zirconium stone which is used as a gemstone in jewellery. With today’s technology it is possible to make a zirconia crown in just 48 hours, while crowns with other materials need at least 3-4 days. 

The characteristics of zirconia:

– biocompatible 

– hygienic 

– available in various shades of color


– does not change color

– can be used in any case

The types of zirconia crowns:

-Monolithic zirconia, ideal material for molar crowns.

-Zirconia covered by the ceramic, for the bridges in the posterior area.

-Zirconia covered by lithium disilicate / EMax, for crowns of anterior teeth where superior aesthetics are needed.

Zirconia crown on a temporary dental tool that illustrated how natural it looks

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Oxa Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental arch rehabilitation services, aiming to ensure optimal treatment for all patients.

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What kind of work can be done in zirconia?

Pretty much everything.

– A single crown is a crown that is used for the reconstruction of a tooth. The factors can be different, caries, tooth fracture, worn teeth, bruxism, problems born, hypocalcification of the teeth, fluorosis, dark or yellow color, closure problems, malocclusion, etc.

-Bridge, when 1-2 teeth are missing. Practically a zirconia bridge cannot have more than 2 teeth without support. In cases where the teeth are tilted or the space between the remaining teeth is not sufficient to make the implant, then the bridge is the ideal solution.

– The entire arch, this is a job that is frequently done on implants. In order to establish a zirconium arch, 5-8 dental implants are needed per arch. (All-On-6, All-On-8) 

Can I have All-On-4 Zirconia?

 No, the rehabilitation of an entire zirconium arch cannot be done using only 4 implants because there is an enormous distance between the implants which predisposes the invoice. All-On-4 can be made in metal, resin or ceramic. 

What is a lithium disilicate crown? 

Lithium disilicate is the most aesthetic material used for aesthetic dental crowns or veneers.

This material belongs to the ceramics group and is usually used to make:

-single crowns 

-bridges in the front area

 –dental veneers

What is the difference between zirconia and metal-ceramic crowns?

Metal-ceramic crowns are an old technique for replacing teeth. 

Since they always give problems such as gum irritation, periodontitis, discoloration, joint problems and crown fracture, they should not be used anymore.

The expectation for this type of material is only 5 years and it is an economic but not definitive solution. Zirconia is the best solution as it offers aesthetic and masticatory stability, high biocompatibility for tissues and lasts more than 20 years. 

Can I have a combined bridge on teeth and implants? 

We must consider that the tooth is a structure that is not fixed in the bone but that has physiological mobility, instead implants are rigid structures and do not move, therefore making such a bridge is not the smartest thing that can be done. Such a bridge always brings failure of work within a few years. The tooth begins to have periodontitis or the implant begins to lose bone. 

The zirconia datasheet used in our clinic.



 Our Prettau Dispersive® zirconia is given natural and harmonious shades of color right from the production stage, thanks to a technique that does not distribute the colors in layers but “disperses” them evenly. With Gradual-Triplex-Technology, we have developed a triple gradient for the new Prettau 3 Dispersive® zirconia. In addition to the color, the nuance also affects the translucency and the flexural strength: while the translucency weakens towards the neck of the tooth and is extremely high at the level of the incisal edge, the flexural strength decreases towards the incisal edge resulting extremely high at the level of the collar. 

These characteristics make Prettau® 3 Dispersive® zirconia suitable for the creation of any type of restoration, even if it is particularly suitable for monolithic restorations. To determine the most suitable shade of the material, for a zirconia restoration that is identical to the natural color of the patient’s tooth, special zirconia shade guides are available, made up of sample teeth in Prettau 3 

Dispersive, in the shape of a premolar, an incisor lower and upper. If the final restoration is milled from a block of Prettau® Dispersive material identical to the shade guide used, then it is guaranteed that the final shade will 100 % match the natural tooth shade. 

FEATURES OVERVIEW: Zirconia with Gradual-Triplex-Technology- triple gradient: of natural color nuances, flexural strength and translucency Flexural strength decreasing towards the incisal edge and extremely high at the neck Translucency decreasing towards the neck of the tooth and extremely high at the level of the incisal edge. 

The evenly distributed shades of color reproduce the natural coloring of the tooth from the dentin to the enamel. What to do if the old bridge that moves? 

The old bridge moves for two main reasons – the bridge is decemented/detached from the teeth, the latter are healthy. – the teeth have periodontitis or are broken In the first case, the bridge can be fixed again. In the second case, the bridge must be redone by rebuilding the broken teeth or dental implants and a new bridge on the implants.

Removable prosthesis

The removable prosthesis is never a definitive solution, therefore you must always look for the best solution. These prostheses are used only as temporary prostheses up to the definitive phase in which the patient will have fixed teeth which are the only definitive ones. 

The removable prosthesis does not offer any masticatory comfort therefore it is used only for 2 reasons:


–save the height of the closure up to the final stage.

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Oxa Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental arch rehabilitation services, aiming to ensure optimal treatment for all patients.

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