Dental Implants

How to replace the missing teeth in Albania?

Impianti dentali in Albania.

Nowadays, between an overly expensive life and everyday commitments, it has become difficult to have optimal dental care, and consequently problems arise. In Italy 76% of people over the age of 40 are missing at least one tooth, this is because years ago it was easier to remove the tooth than to treat it, also due to a question of mentality as well as technique and costs.

Until 15 years ago, important dental treatments for Italian and other European citizens were almost impossible because the prices were very high and they had no other choices. Many dental clinics in Albania have started to offer treatment for foreign patients as well, also organizing travel and accommodation. This opens up another much more convenient possibility for solving dental problems. If 15 years ago it was a luxury to have a mobile prosthesis, now everyone can have fixed teeth at half the price.

1 – Which teeth are most frequently missing?

The most frequent missing teeth are the molars, the chewing teeth. These are among the first teeth in the mouth. For various reasons such as their complicated anatomical shape, the difficulty in cleaning them, their position too far back in the mouth make them more negligible for patients.

2 – What are the reasons why teeth are missing?

 There are several reasons for missing teeth:

– Caries, the destruction of the tooth structure by bacteria. Sometimes the remaining tooth structure is impossible to rebuild and tooth extraction is the only solution.

 – Periodontitis, or pyorrhea, is the main cause of tooth loss, at the same time it is a pathology that causes multiple tooth loss. It is a pathology that has various causes.

 – Accidental tooth loss. Road accidents or falls can cause unexpected tooth loss.

3 – How much does it cost to replace missing teeth? Dentists in Albania offer dental treatments at very low prices which are up to 70% less than in Italy. Dental implants in Albania have become treatments accessible to all.

What are the possibilities to replace the missing teeth?

  1. Dental Implants – Dental Implants in Albania at Oxa Clinic

Treatment with dental implants began in the 1960s and has been the most effective treatment for missing teeth since that time.

Dental implants are titanium screws, biocompatible that come in different sizes and designs to guarantee a safe treatment for each case.

When can dental implants be used?

  • Replacement of a single tooth. Missing just one tooth is a real challenge as the space starts to close after the tooth is lost. Using an implant to replace just one tooth protects nearby teeth, which are not affected.

The Ideal solution is to place the implant immediately after tooth extraction, this technique makes it possible to keep the thickness of the bone and gum unchanged. The implant needs 2-3 months in the lower arch and 4-6 months in the upper arch to be integrated or calcified. During this period, a temporary crown or a customized healing screw may be placed to preserve the tissue.

  • Replacement of a group of teeth. The most frequent lack of teeth is the lack of molars or premolars which in most cases is multiple. Very often the two molars are missing, sometimes even the premolars. This situation causes serious chewing problems, as the patient is unable to eat well.

In the upper arch the situation is more difficult as 1 implant per tooth is needed. This is for various reasons such as lower quality of bone, larger size of teeth and lower quantity of bone. Therefore, if the two premolars and the two molars are missing, 4 implants would be needed, which might seem excessive but in reality it is the only possibility to guarantee a result for more than 20 years. In the lower arch the same situation, i.e. the lack of the four chewing teeth, can only be resolved with 2 implants. This solution is supported by the fact that the bone of the lower arch is much denser and more abundant than the upper one.

  • Total rehabilitation of the entire arch with dental implants.
    Most of the patients who come for dental implants in Albania need total rehabilitation. The situation in which patients present is very variable, some present without teeth, some with pyorrhea and others with old dentures or old bridges. These situations make us understand that all the old solutions are not comfortable for patients and the latter always look for better solutions. To carry out the total rehabilitation of an arch, the case must be studied carefully in order to choose the ideal number and positions of the implants. We often hear people saying that we should do “All-On-4”, “All-On-6”, “All-On-8” but they are just techniques to differentiate patients based on what they can pay. At our clinic each patient has an individualized number of implants. According to the implantology protocols, 6-8 implants are needed for the upper arch, whereas 5-7 implants are needed for the lower arch. Total rehabilitation is certainly the most difficult treatment, especially when the patient already has teeth and must adapt to the new situation. Since the implants need a few months to be calcified in the bone, the patient must wear temporary prostheses, which can be fixed or mobile based on the quality or density of the bone.

Further information about dental implants:

Dental bridge.

 A bridge has limited indications, as it requires the presence of at least one tooth before and one behind the missing one. A bridge must necessarily rest on at least two teeth. Therefore the indications are for missing one posterior tooth or more than one anterior tooth, always with the presence of the other teeth that serve as support points. Therefore the bridge cannot be used when all the kolari and premolars are missing. The bridge requires preparation or wearing down nearby teeth to replace the missing teeth.

When can dental bridge be used?

– the space between the teeth does not allow the insertion of the implant, space less than 8mm.

– neighboring teeth are too inclined towards the missing tooth.

– the lack of bone cannot be resolved through reconstruction.

In any case, a well-made bridge could last longer than a well-made implant. The bridge can be considered as an economical solution but in reality the cost is more or less the same as that of the system. The choice between the bridge and the implant must always be made by the doctor and not based on costs or the wishes of the patients.

Further information about dental bridges:

  • Removable prosthesis.

These types of dentures are used as temporary dentures by dentists in Albania. They are a quick and economical solution to replace missing teeth.

In what situations are removable prostheses used?

– Missing of one  tooth, a micro-partial prosthesis is made, very comfortable and aesthetic if used temporarily.

 – Lack of a group of teeth. In this case it could be a simple prosthesis with hooks, a skeletonized prosthesis or a telescopic prosthesis. The duration is 1-2 years.

– Total lack of teeth. A total denture is used. Since this prosthesis does not have any teeth on which it can rest, it becomes very difficult to stay still. Therefore there is a need to use adhesive products to make it stable. It can last 6-12 months.

Removable prostheses must be considered only as temporary and never definitive solutions as they can lead to serious consequences such as bone destruction or problems of the temporomandibular joint.

There are many ways to replace missing teeth and they have their own indications, so the patient must always consult with the doctor to find the right solution and not go directly with the idea of ​​wanting a specific thing.