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Dental implants and systemic diseases?

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There are various systemic pathologies and conditions that can influence treatment with dental implants in Albania. Most of these pathologies do not become a problem if the patient is under proper care. Some rare conditions, those that risk the patient’s life are a contraindication for dental implants.

The most important task is that of the doctor who must take a detailed medical history to understand any problems and understand if they can influence the treatment with dental implants. Most patients tend not to talk about systemic conditions for various reasons and this is a real challenge. Sometimes they talk about their problems after 2-3 sessions.

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Can I get dental implants in Albania if I have cancer?

 Any form of malignant tumor, i.e. cancer of the oral cavity or of the skull bones, is considered an absolute contraindication for treatment with dental implants. Cancer continuously transforms tissues, destroying them and making them more fragile and with an abnormal structure. Placing dental implants in these cases means losing them.

The metabolism of both the bone and the gum are not in a position to allow the calcification of the dental implant in the bone. Any form of cancer that is not in or near the mouth region poses no risk to dental implants if the patient is under appropriate treatment.

Can I get dental implants in Albania if I suffer from osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease. The bones become increasingly fragile and have a deficiency of calcium, which is a determining element for the calcification of the dental implant in the bone. Therefore, a patient who has osteoporosis and is not treated for this pathology has difficulty integrating the dental implants.

Like many other diseases, osteoporosis can also be cured. There are several medicines and supplements that are used to stabilize the condition.

Before starting treatment with dental implants in these patients it is necessary not only to know if the patient is being treated but also to carry out various analyzes such as the level of calcium and Vitamin D. If all the parameters are normal then you can proceed normally with the intervention of dental implants.

Can I get dental implants in Albania if I take biophosphonates?

Biophosphonates are medicines used to treat complications of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases. Doctors and patients refuse to start treatments with dental implants. Is it the right thing? It depends on clinical experience. There is a very specific protocol for the treatment of patients taking biophosphonates with dental implants. So the answer to the question “Can I get dental implants if I take biophosphonates?” Well yes”.

Biophesphonates medical pills.

Patients taking biophosphonates can get dental implants. The protocol in broad terms would be this:

 -antibiotics before surgery.

-atraumatic surgery, minimal bone reduction.

-the entire surface of the bone must be covered by the gum, exposed bone is a risk of necrosis.

 -antibiotics after surgery.

-do not use temporary ones for 3-4 weeks.

 -calcification period increases to 6-7 months.

 -implants must only be loaded axially, as lateral forces can destabilize them.

 -periodic checks every year via an x-ray.

If these aspects are followed seriously then patients taking biophosphonates can get dental implants without having to stop taking the medicines.

Can I get dental implants in Albania if I suffer from diabetes?

 Diabetes is one of the most frequent systemic pathologies that we find in our patients who need dental implants in Albania. All these patients are under treatment, which makes our job easier.

 Every diabetic patient who takes medicines and is under treatment with stable parameters is considered a healthy patient and can therefore have dental implants without problems. Diabetic patients who do not receive treatment can still get dental implants, but they need specific treatment to avoid the complications of diabetes.

These patients need antibiotic-prophylaxy coverage before and after surgery. The real problems of diabetic patients who do not seek treatment begin months and years later. The implants fail like any tissue in these patients.

Patients with diabetes with dental implants

Can I get dental implants in Albania if I have had heart surgery?

 Cardiac diseases are the most serious as they can have serious consequences. Heart patients need specific treatment to avoid complications. All patients who have undergone cardiovascular surgery in the last 6 months absolutely cannot have dental implants. After 6 months there are no more serious risks.

The protocol for the treatment of heart disease patients with dental implants:

– the operation must last no more than 1 hour

-avoid stress

 -anesthetic with minimal amount of vasoconstrictor

-do not stop the various medicines that patients take

-prolonged coverage with antibiotics.

Can I get dental implants in Albania if I take anticoagulants?

 Patients taking anticoagulants need special attention as they may have heavy bleeding after surgery.

Some anticoagulants do not need to be stopped, meaning the patient continues to take them during the treatment period. Others have to stop, a few days or hours before. There are anticoagulants from recent years that can be taken before surgery but should be avoided for 1-2 days after surgery.

It is important to understand what types of anticoagulants the patient takes before surgery. The surgeon who performs dental implant surgery must evaluate the situation carefully and advise the patient what to do.